DramaAlert is a YouTube news channel run and hosted by controversial YouTuber Keemstar and occasionally several others, most notably TyBlue and SharptK. The channel was previously the most popular YouTube news channel until a controversy involving LeafyIsHere and GradeAUnderA caused it to lose subscribers. On June 26, 2016, Scarce surpassed DramaAlert as the most subscribed YouTube news channel. On September 22, 2017, DramaAlert resurpassed Scarcs as the most subscribed YouTube news channel.

Ownership Edit

While Keemstar claims not to be owner, he has made several executive decisions for the channel, leading several, such as GradeAUnderA to theorize that Keem is the owner of the channel and is claiming not to be in order to avoid DramaAlert getting deleted like his other channels.

Keemstar is proven to do this in most of his channels, such as Battle for the Channel and his old Keemstar channel where he posted a hate video toward Scarce.