1. When editing articles do not put in false information. If you plan to edit, make sure that all of the information you have is correct.
    • If it is speculation, please mark it as such and make sure that it has a place in the article you plan to edit.
  2. When saving an edit, write a good edit log that describes what you did to some extent.
    • For example, if you added in someones relation to Scarce in an article you would write a log like, "Added relation to Scarce under history category," and not something like, "lol xd kys".
  3. When editing articles use correct grammar.
    • Correct grammar includes the correct spelling of words, punctuation, and capitalization.
  4. Do not spam edits in the wiki.
    1. This includes the content that you spam.
      • Do not spam promotional content.
      • Do not spam hate-speech.
      • Do not spam false information.
    2. This includes spamming edits, (Going too fast).
      • You are considered spamming edits when you make small edits over and over again.
        • This is usually to gain badges. Badges are meant to be a fun way to progress in the wiki and to make an incentive to edit... they are not social status.
  5. Do not create new templates or categories. Ask an admin to do so for you.
  6. When editing/writing pages that contain sexual or hate material use the Mature template at the top of the page to notify viewers.