1. Do not harass or be rude to other users.
    1. This includes stalking or repeatedly spamming/being rude to a user.
    2. This includes directing hate based on a user's identity. We want every Scarce fan to feel welcome to the Wiki whatever they identify as.
      • Do not discriminate users based on race.
      • Do not discriminate users based on gender.
      • Do not discriminate users based on ethnicity.
      • Do not discriminate users based on religion.
      • Do not discriminate users based on sexual orientation.
  2. When others make edits to the Wiki that might not be correct, please assume good faith.
    • If this does not happen, edit warring could pursue.
      • Please contact an administrator if this happens.
    • Edit conflicts and edit warring are different.
  3. Do not impersonate anyone.
    • This includes impersonating public figures.
    • This includes impersonating admins or other users.
    • Do not put any promotional content in your username.
  4. Do not spam in the wiki.
    1. This includes the content that you spam.
      • Do not spam promotional content.
      • Do not spam hate-speech.
      • Do not spam false information.
      • Do not spam in the comments.
    2. This includes spamming edits, (Going too fast).
      • You are considered spamming edits when you make small edits over and over again.
        • This is usually to gain badges. Badges are meant to be a fun way to progress in the wiki and to make an incentive to edit... they are not social status.
  5. Profanity is permitted as long as it isn't directed at another user or hate-speech, (See #1 for more information).